Over the years of working on blogs, I have normally had an open commenting policy.  Toward the latter part of my time in blogville I found comments as not a way to share and explore new ideas, but rather a means by which unchristian like discussions took place.  And yes, I am one who is guilty of this.  I do not want this to happen at this blog.  Therefore all comments are moderated.  I do not have full access to the internet, especially at night, and my schedule does not permit me to actively moderate comments.  I will do my best to get comments posted, but I cannot guarantee that they will go up.  It is a rare occasion that I will engage someone else on another blog since I have other items that keep me busy, so if you want to comment, I welcome it, I just can’t say that I will be faithful to post it.  If you feel this is a disservice, I suggest posting your stuff on your site where you can run your site as you feel is right.  Of course my friends who have my email or phone number can write or call.  I just ask to present what I have written honestly with a link to my site so others may make up their own minds.  I am sorry about this arrangement, but it is the best I can do at this time.  I do thank you for reading.

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