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Absurdity To Show The Absurd: The Changing Of A Name

September 22, 2011


To find articles both pro and con concerning the discussion surrounding the name change of the SBC click here. I was speaking with a good friend today and the topic of the name change for the SBC came up.  My friend is totally against any such change and I have to believe his reasoning is […]

Baptist Voices From The Past Speak On Unity and Exclusivism

February 16, 2011


Yes, it has been a while, but I thought I would peak my head out of the study to link you to the Southwestern Journal of Theology edition on Baptist and Unity vol. 51. In it voices from the early part of the 20th century speak towards our need to separate ourselves over matters of […]

A Very Short Essay On Biblical Worship

September 26, 2010


The Great Commission has been traditionally understood as the final commands of Christ which are found in Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 1:8.  The two accounts provide complementary aspects about the commission and how it is to be carried out.  Matthew begins with the disciples worshiping Jesus.  This idea of worship plays a pivotal part in […]

Pragmatism and Its Death Knell Among Southern Baptists

September 21, 2010


Churches in the Southern Baptist Convention are in a panic concerning falling attendance and baptisms.  In today’s world of success driven theology, church growth methodology has fallen pray to the god of pragmatism or “whatever works.”  The belief is if a church is able to pack more people in the pews, then it must be […]