Great Article on the SBC Name Change Debate

Posted on October 27, 2011


I am linking to this article by my friend Tim Rogers.  He uses a well reasoned argument concerning the debate over whether we change our name or not.  Below is my response to his piece:


Well argued. We are not seeking to win people to the SBC, but to Jesus. When I witness, I don’t inform people I am a Southern Baptist pastor or that Immanuel is a Southern Baptist church. What hinders people up north is the same thing that hinders people down south or in the Mid-West or anywhere else. It is personal obstinate sin that keeps a person from coming to Christ. When will we get to the point and understand that methods, names, and marketing is not the silver bullet. Our churches need an evangelistic revival that will move all her members to tell the story of Jesus in our words, lives, and fellowship. To change our name is an external fix of a band aid to cover a cancer of eternal indifference that is eating away at our very core.

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