D O N ‘ T – W A S T E – Y O U R – L I F E

Posted on April 26, 2011


Twenty-five years ago I sat among my graduating classmates listening to Senator Dale Bumpers of Arkansas give a graduation address.  I don’t remember his talking points, I was more interested in getting my diploma and getting to the graduation festivities, but I do remember him giving us advice for a successful life. This year I will have the awesome privilege of addressing many of our graduating seniors at the baccalaureate.  I realize they may be thinking the same thing that I was twenty-five years, but my message will not be multipoint.  I want them to remember twenty-five years from now what will be said the evening of May 15, 2011.  The message will be simple:

D O N ‘ T  – W A S T E  – Y O U R  – L I F E

In Philippians 3:1-16, Paul stressed how his life and the things of it before meeting Christ was an utter waste or as the King James translated it, “dung” (3:8).  Paul was taught from an early age that what mattered most was those things of the Law and that he needed to do certain things and become a rabbi in order to be successful in the eyes of many Jews.  When Paul met Christ, he saw how tremendously useless those achievements were in light of knowing Christ by faith and following Him.  What is incredible about this statement is that he writes these things while sitting in a Roman jail!  This is his earthly “reward” for being obedient to his Lord and Savior. Some may look at Paul’s life and his imprisonment as a complete waste.  According to worldly standards it is, but from God’s perspective He has given Paul a goal and a prize to for which to strive.  The goal is our resurrection and glorification in Christ.  Not that Paul understood his works or suffering as achieving this, but in his life he relied upon the power of God (3:10), as he chased the things of God, to accomplish the things of God.  Not only in this life, but also in the life to come.

For our graduating seniors and for us we need to examine what we are chasing.  Are we chasing an education in order to make more money and buy more fancy things, or are we chasing God’s plan for our life which includes doing with less?  Are we chasing a career and making decisions based on what helps us move up the corporate ladder, or are we trusting God to put us in higher positions of responsibility as we diligently do our job?  Are we chasing our hobbies with time and money, or are we using those things for Kingdom purposes?  There are many questions we can ask ourselves in our self-examination, but ultimately it is God we must allow to search us out as we “press on towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  It is God we must rely upon for all things by faith.  It is God’s plan for us we must surrender to no matter the path.  It is His Kingdom and His righteousness we are to seek first (Matt. 6:33). To not put God’s will first, by faith, would be a wasted life.

God’s Truth Abideth Still

Bro. Robin, Psalm 112:1

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